(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. slap, abuse, affront, offend. See discourtesy. —n. out-rage; slap, affront. See disrespect.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. indignity, offense, affront, abuse, contumely, ill treatment, scurrility, opprobrium, outrage, vilification, incivility, impudence, insolence, blasphemy, mockery, derision, impertinence, discourtesy, invective, slight, snub, ignominy, disrespect, slander, libel, name-calling, taunt, gibe, slap in the face*, put-down*, dig*, black eye*; see also curse 1 , rudeness .
Ant. praise*, tribute, homage.
Syn. affront, revile, vilify, libel, offend, outrage, abuse, humiliate, mock, vex, tease, call names, irritate, annoy, aggravate, provoke, deride, taunt, laugh down, ridicule, gibe at, jeer, slight, demean, underestimate, take a slap at*, step on one's toes*, rank out*; see also offend , slander .
Insulting remarks include: nuts, nerts, says you, go jump in the lake, in my eye, don't make me laugh, shut your face, shut up, so's your old man, you're crazy, baloney, bull, nuts to you, in a pig's eye, up yours, horse manure, tell it to the marines, my foot, my eye, does your mother know you're out?, another country heard from, drop dead, stuff it, stick it, read my lips, go suck eggs, go to hell, go pound salt, go pound sand, stick it where the sun don't shine, stick it in your ear, you know where you can stick it.
Ant. praise*, extol, glorify.
See Synonym Study at offend .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
affront, *put-down, slight, *slap in the face, dig, offense, snub, denigration, abuse, attack, *cheap shot, slam, impudence.
ANT.: compliment, praise, *pat on the back
affront, *put down, slight, cut, *slap in the face, dig, offend, snub, denigrate, abuse, attack, slam, *cut to the quick, ridicule, *dump on, belittle.
ANT.: compliment, praise, flatter
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb To cause resentment or hurt by callous, rude behavior: affront, huff, miff, offend, outrage, pique. Idioms: add insult to injury, give offense to. See ATTACK, PAIN. II noun 1. An act that offends a person's sense of pride or dignity: affront, contumely, despite, indignity, offense, outrage, slight. Idiom: slap in the face. See ATTACK. 2. An instance of mockery or derision: gibe, jeer, scoff, taunt, twit. See LAUGHTER, RESPECT.

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